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Nigeria is blessed with diverse eco-systems, ranging from coastal mangrove swamps and tropical rainforest along the Atlantic coast in the south to Oases in the semi-arid Sahel region bordering the Sahara desert in the far north. In-between are the cool temperate plateau and highlands and numerous fertile river valleys. Unknown to the outside world, the country is richly endowed with flora and fauna resources with over 10% of total land area protected and set aside for environmental conservation. Seven national parks, several wildlife sanctuaries, forest reserves and protected wetland areas have been established. Jemi-Alade Tours help to pioneer eco-tourism in Nigeria and offer tours & excursions to national parks and conservation areas around the country. Listed are Eco-tour packages that offer unique nature experiences that afford nature enthusiasts an opportunity to explore the flora and fauna resources of one of the most eco-diverse areas of West Africa

Obudu Ranch Resort

The Obudu rolling hills is the perfect place for a serene holiday experience. It is located in the north east corner of Cross River State, close to the Cameroonian border, at an altitude of 1,524 metres with cool temperate climate. The Protea Hotel Ranch Resort is located on the ranch. Enjoy an active day at the ranch where you can take a ride through the skies in a cable car, swim in the Olympic size swimming pool at 'bottom hill' or at the 'grotto' a natural pool, go horse-back riding, bird watching (a variety of unusual species of birds) and hiking in the Becheve Nature Park, participate in a game of tennis or join one of the planned guest activities. In the evening, watch the sun set during an open-air cultural entertainment. Your tour will include a visit to the site of the Ikom monolith (900 ad.),

Obudu Ranch Tour [5 Days/4 Nights]
• Air transfers Lagos / Calabar / Lagos
• 1 night, Hotel in Calabar
• 2 nights, Protea Hotel Ranch Resort, Obudu
• Cable car ride, Swimming, Golf, Tennis, Squash, Horse back riding etc.
• Tour of Calabar - Tinapa Business Resort, Museum, Old Calabar, Shopping & sightseeing etc.

Gorilla Tracking Expedition

The Cross River National Park and adjacent Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary harbor the remaining population of gorillas in West Africa. Efforts have been made to conserve them over the years and it is now being partially opened for limited visits by tourists. While there is no guarantee that gorillas will be sighted, the expedition affords an opportunity to view natural-sized Drill groups in captivity at the Drill Ranch at Afi mountain and sight game in one of the few remaining rainforest habitats in West Africa.

Gorilla Tracking Expedition [8 days/7 nights]
• Air transfer Lagos/Calabar/Lagos
• The Cross River National Park, Afi Mountain, Obudu Hills,
• Forest treks, Out-door camping, Wildlife viewing, etc.
• Visit Afi Drill Ranch, Kache Bano Walk-a-Way (Rainforest canopy experience) etc.

Yankari Game Reserve
The 2,240 sq. Km. Yankari is the best known Game Reserve in Nigeria. Located about 4-hour's drive from Jos, it offers a great opportunity for viewing a variety of wildlife species in their natural habitat. Most frequently seen animal species are Baboon, Water Buck, Roan Antelope, Elephant, Hippopotamus and Crocodile. Lion can also be seen. There is bird life in spectacular profusion, particularly close to the Gajii River. An archeological site and warm natural springs are some of the other attractions. The Reserve has recently been up-graded to cater for demands of tourists and comfortable accommodation with modern amenities is in place for visitors.

Yankari Tour [4 Days/3 Nights]
• Air transfer Lagos/Jos/Lagos
• 1 night, Hotel in Jos
• 2 nights, Wikki Lodge, Yankari
• Game viewing morning & evening
• Visit Marshall Cave archeological site
• Picnic/swimming at Wikki Warm Springs
• Optional: Tour of Jos - Museum, Jos Wildlife Park, A.P. Leventis Ornithological Research Institute, Shere hills ideal for hiking, Rayfield Lake resort, shopping & sightseeing etc.


Okomu National Park

Okomu National Park, home to endangered forest Elephants and one of the rarest monkeys in the world, the White-throated monkey is one of the few remaining pristine rainforest areas in southern Nigeria. Located an hour's drive from Benin-city off the Lagos - Benin expressway, it is ideal for game viewing, bird watching, sport-fishing, canoeing, swimming, hiking etc. Check-list of game includes Crocodile, Buffalo, Red-river hog and chimpanzee. Flora species include Mahogany, Silk Cotton Tree, and Ironwood etc. The park is very rich in birdlife with over 200 species recorded. There is a nature trail through the forest and a tree-top house for a panoramic view of the park. The Okomu River flows across the length of the Park. The new Okomu Eco-resort located within the Park offers excellent accommodation and catering facilities.

Okomu Tour [3 Days/2 Nights]
• Land transfer Lagos/Okomu/Lagos
• 2 nights, Okomu Eco-resort
• Game viewing morning & evening
• Nature Trail, Bird Watching, Sport fishing, Canoeing, Swimming etc.
• Optional: City tour of Benin - Museum, Igun Street Bronze centre, Oba's
Palace, Shopping & sightseeing etc.

Best Of Nigeria Birds

With vast unexplored landscape, Nigeria offers the best opportunity for bird watching in West Africa. This tour offers a chance to see the largest variety of Nigeria's birds and endemics are guaranteed to be sighted. We start out with local birding along Lagos coastal strip with a visit to the Lekki Conservation Centre with its unique walkway through the swamp forest. Among the birds we may expect to see is Black Kite, Lizard Buzzard, Harrier -Hawk and, Blue-spotted Wood-Dove. From here we continue on to the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, whose lush grounds supports over 350 bird species in an area of only 250 acres (100 ha). This is the best place to find the Ibadan Malimbe, endemic to Nigeria. Our next destination is Okomu National Park, one of the prime rainforest sites in West Africa. All the large hornbills and four species of Spine Tails can be seen from the conveniently located platform high up in the forest canopy. From here we continue on to Agenebode where we will spend two days searching for birds more typical of the Guinea Savanna. The rare Vermiculated Fishing -Owl and the enigmatic Egyptian Plover occur along the Niger River and we will make a special effort to see them.

We then ascend to the cool climate of the Jos plateau, a marked contrast to the humidity of the rainforest. We will spend the next three days exploring the plateau where an interesting array of birds can be seen including Fox Kestrel, Stone-Partridge and Adamawan Turtle Dove. We descend the Jos plateau and drive to Obudu Cattle Ranch, in the heart of Cameroon Mountains EBA. From this comfortable base we will explore the trails of the Becheve Nature Reserve, a huge, well protected forest that is home to such species as Bannerman's Weaver, White Throated Mountain-Babbler, and Yellow-breasted Boubou. We will spend at least one day in the lowland forest looking for Red-faced Picathartes, which in this area can usually be seen with little difficulty. Transfers are in comfortable air-conditioned vehicles while selected accommodation is the best in each location. Experience a unique holiday off the beaten tracks when you book this interesting holiday package of a life time.

Best Of Nigeria Birds Tour [14 Days/13 Nights]
• Meeting & assistance on arrival & departure
• Land transfer in air-conditioned vehicles
• Accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner (Full board)
• Expert bird guide for duration of tour
• Hotel taxes and gratuities

Gashaka-Gumti National Park

Gashaka-Gumti, the largest national park in Nigeria, covering an area of 6,402.48km2 of mountains and valleys in Adamawa and Taraba States. An intricate patchwork of woodland, rainforest and mountain grassland cloak this rugged wilderness, drained by a network of fast flowing rivers. Spectacular scenery is the hallmark of this park, with its magnificent mountain ranges and panoramic views. Check-list of animal species includes Buffalo, Hartebeest, Duiker, Giant Forest Hog, Lion, Leopard, Hippopotamus, Chimpanzee, Mona and White-Nosed Monkeys. The park harbours the best population of primates in West Africa, since the local people do not traditionally hunt these animals. An abundance of birdlife, butterflies, fish and flowers make this a naturalist's paradise.

Gashaka-Gumti Expedition [10 Days/9 Nights]
An eco-tourism expedition to the two major sectors of the Gashaka-Gumpti National Park, Nigeria's largest park at 6402.98km2. The expedition offers an unparalleled experience to explore the remote wilderness areas of Nigeria and an opportunity to see unique birds, flowers, landscape and animals. You will discover indigenous people living in remote areas of the park with their colorful tradition; ruins of the pre-1918 German Fort and abandoned village sites; the eerie and mysterious Bat forest; the 'Hippo pool' the natural habitat of hippopotamus; Hot springs; and climb Chappal Waddi 'the mountain of death' Nigeria's highest peak at 2,419 meters. The expedition is designed for adventure and nature enthusiasts and ideal for small groups of 8-12 people led by professional Wildlife guides.
• Air transfer Lagos/Yola/Lagos
• Accommodation at Park Guesthouses at Gashaka, Toungo & Serti
• Wilderness treks, Out-door camping, Wildlife viewing, Mountain climbing etc.
• Visits to German Fort, Hippo Pool, Bat Forest, Hot Springs etc.
• Optional: Tour of Yola including shopping and sightseeing, etc.

Kanji Lake National Park

The 5,340.82 sq, km Kainji Lake National Park was established in 1979 with the merger of the Borgu and Zugurma Game reserves. Located about 10-hours drive north of Lagos or west of Abuja in the Guinea Savannah region, it offers a wide variety of Nigeria's flora and fauna. Wildlife at the park includes Lion, Buffalo, Hippopotamus, Crocodile, Oribi, Warthog and Baboon. There is a profusion of migratory birds especially along the Kainji Lake shore. Olli River and Ibbi Lodges offer nice accommodation for overnight stay.

Kainji Lake Tour [4 Days/3 Nights]
• Land transfer Lagos/Kainji /Lagos or Abuja/Kainji/Abuja
• 2 nights, Oli River Lodge, Kainji
• 1 night, Ibbi Lodge, Zugurma
• Game viewing morning & evening
• Visit to historical & cultural sites
• Sport- fishing, swimming, indoor games, etc.
• Boat ride on Kainji Lake

Old Oyo National Park

The old Oyo National Park covers an area of 2,511 km2 located about 3 hour's drive north of Ibadan in Oyo State. The southern portion of the Park has dense and open woodland whilst in the extreme north there is drier open savannah woodland where the Oyo-Ile (Old Oyo Kingdom) ruins can be found. The dry season from November to April is the best time to observe wildlife in the park. Check-list of animal species includes Elephant, Buffalo, Hartebeest, Duiker, Potas Monkey, Oribi, Kob, Baboon, Water Buck, and Crocodile. The Ogun River, which has it source in the park, attracts a good diversity of birdlife. Accommodation facilities exist within the park at Ibuya camp and in Sepeteri.

Old Oyo Tour [4 Days/3 Nights]

•Land transfer Lagos/ Sepeteri/ Lagos
• 3 nights, Old Oyo National Park Guesthouse, Sepeteri
• Game viewing morning & evening
• Visit Oyo-Ile archeological / historical site
• City tour of Igbeti - Oba's (king) palace, shopping & sightseeing etc.
• Optional: Visit traditional cloth ‘Aso Oke’ (country cloth) weavers at Iseyin

Cross River National Park

The 2,800 sq. km. Cross River National Park was established in 1989. It consists of the Boshi Okwango Forest Reserve and the southern Oban Hills Forest Reserve. Located some 3 hour's drive north of Calabar. It is the most bio-diverse ecosystem in Africa and contains several species of wildlife including Chimpanzee, Drill, Red Columbus, Elephant and a small population of lowland Gorilla.

Cross River National Park Tour [4 Days/3 Nights]
• Air transfer Lagos / Calabar / Lagos
• 2 nights, Protea Hotel Ranch Resort, Obudu
• 1 night, Kanyang Tourist Village
• Game viewing morning & evening
• Forest Canopy Walk, Drill ranch
• Optional: Gorilla tracking (by special arrangement)


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