West Africa Cultural Study Tour

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21 Days
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West Africa Cultural Study Tour

This is an intensive travel-study program designed for groups and individuals interested in having a short-term first hand learning experience of life and culture of Africa. It is aimed at fostering a better understanding and closer relationship between Africans and other peoples of the world. It is culture-based and carefully structured around particular interests of participants by focusing on a specific field of study. Many aspects of the program are invaluable in having a cross-culture interaction with Africans in a mutually beneficial way. It spotlights the West African sub-region targeting the countries of Nigeria, Benin Republic, Togo and Ghana to enable participants gain an insight into the cultural environment of both Francophone and Anglophone societies in Africa.

For Whom

Students/faculty members of educational institutions, Cultural organizations, Corporate organizations doing business in Africa, Individuals and special interest groups from around the world interested in experiencing life in Africa are invited to apply.

About The Organizers

The program is organized by Jemi-Alade & Associates Limited, a reputable Nigerian registered company active in the promotion of culture and tourism in Africa, in collaboration with the Centre for Black and African Art and Civilization [CBAAC].  CBAAC was established by the government of Nigeria, and charged with the responsibility for the promotion of public interest in Black and African art and civilization, and the preservation of works of value from the 2nd World Black and Africa Festival of Arts and Culture, popularly tagged FESTAC ’77 which took place in 1977 in Lagos, Nigeria.

CBAAC is engaged in the location and acquisition of intellectual materials on Black and African civilization and has several publications on African art and culture. All these rare and valuable materials are professionally preserved and arranged in the center’s library, museum, archives and audio-visual sections. A multi-dimensional institution, CBAAC organizes lectures, symposia, exhibitions and cultural exchanges to highlight the achievements of black people all over the world and brings to the fore, those Blacks and Africans who have distinguished themselves in their various vocations, and thereby contributed to universal knowledge and civilization of humankind.

Program Benefit

The program is planned to enhance the knowledge of participants about life in Africa.

Participants will:
• Gain familiarity with current politics, economic and social environment of target countries
• Understand local business / social practices, attitudes, personal & cultural values
• Gain an appreciation of how people in Africa perceive themselves and foreigners,
• Acquire the understanding and tolerance for coping in a foreign / new environment,
• Develop the ability to gain the trust & confidence of Africans with whom they will be meeting,
• Learn about all aspects of living conditions in including health, education, leisure & security.

Program Outline

The program comprises Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Media Interviews, Excursions and discussions about the social culture of places being visited.

Country Orientation
The orientation session is an up-to-date overview of the target countries with background information to put matters of current concern in proper context. Briefing information on target countries include:
• Geographical outline
• History, current political situation and the development of national identity
• Economics – resources, policies, problems
• The people – ethnic composition, religion and cultural characteristics
• Major social concerns
• Customs and tradition

Meeting The People

Nationals of target countries are invited to participate in all aspects of the program. This gives participants an opportunity to interact directly with their counterparts through discussions and cross-fertilization of ideas. Examples of topics include:
• What is the significance and origin of names?
• What are relationships, obligation and importance of belonging to the family?
• How are the major ‘events’ of life and death celebrated?
• How is hospitality provided?
• What are the usual forms of entertainment?
• Is the woman’s role in the society changing? How and why?

People & Society

The seminar components will help participants’ gain general understanding of African societies and ethnic cultures. The historical, political and economic factors that have influenced the continent over the years are examined. Current problems facing the continent such as the debt burden and HIV / AIDS pandemic are analyzed from the standpoint of what Africans themselves can do to improve their situation with particular reference being made to the target countries.

Lecture and seminar topics are chosen from varied fields of interest including:

  • Religion: Relationship between Christianity, Islam & Traditional Africa Religion,
    • Law: Customary / Traditional Laws & Customs
    • History: African past and present,
    • The Arts: African Art, Dance, Music, Drama, Textile,
    • Gender Issues: Traditional Roles of Women in Society,
    • African Traditional Medicine,
    • Education: Challenges and Achievements,
    • Business Opportunities in Africa,
    • Issues of Development in Africa.

Resource Persons

The organizers bring together a team of professionals and experts to contribute to the success of each program. Lecturers and facilitators of proven ability and experience in their specialist fields are drawn from Universities and various local institutions of repute to services each program.


The Program is a 21-day intensive travel study tour that can be scheduled all year round. Program duration can be adjusted to fit the schedule and special interests of participating groups and individuals.


The Accommodation with daily breakfast, lunch or dinner (half board) is at University Guesthouses and selected hotels. It is based on double occupancy i.e. two people sharing a twin-bedded room. Participants requiring a single room will pay a single room supplement.


Accommodation can be made for participants interested in experiencing African family life to stay with a host family. Participants must indicate their preference at the time of registration. We will do our best to match participants with a host family of their preference.

Credit Hours To Qualified Students

Arrangements are made with participating educational institutions to enable student participants adopt the tour as course work in order to gain credit hours towards a main course of study. Participants interested in this arrangement must indicate as such during registration.


Groups and individuals wishing to participate in the tour must complete and submit a registration form along with a non-refundable fee of US$ 50.00 per person. If you wish to plan the content of a tour on a target country, a specific request must be forwarded. The organizers will custom-design an itinerary to suit their particular interest and schedule with an affordable cost quotation. The quotation includes cost of land arrangements only and does not include visa fee and airfare. However the organizers will assist with visa application and negotiate reduced group airfare where necessary.


Tour Cost:

Day Tour:        1 pax   2-4 Persons     5-6 Persons     7-9 Persons     10 Persons & Above

Overnight:      1 pax   2-4 Persons     5-6 Persons     7-9 Persons     10 Persons & Above

Inclusive:        Private a/c transfer, Lunch, Entrance fees at destination, English-speaking local guide.


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